Hulk Hogan needs to get a grip on his Twitter account, part III

He recently retweeted a picture of Madeleine McCann and has shared images of murderer Raoul Moat (twice). Now Hulk Hogan has shared a Twitter user's picture of notorious paedophile Josef Fritzl - and we're beginning to think he is just messing with us.

The photoshopped image shows Fritzl, who fathered seven children with his daughter while keeping her locked in a cellar for nearly a quarter of a century, wearing a 'World's Greatest Dad' T-shirt.

Hogan often reshares messages from fans on Twitter, and he can take comfort in the knowledge that other celebrities have also been caught out in this way on social media.

Last year saw Donald Trump retweeting a photo of serial killers Fred and Rose West, and country singer Billy Ray Cyrus re-sharing a photo of Jimmy Savile after a mischievous tweeter claimed the image was of a “huge fan”.

H/T Huffington Post UK

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