<p>His home improvement bid got off to a promising start, but then...</p>

His home improvement bid got off to a promising start, but then...


Lockdown has seen many of us try our hands at DIY, but some of us should probably just stick to what we know.

A well-meaning man has become living proof of this after his attempt at fixing the wooden decking in his garden ended in a slap-stick fail.

His wife Abby posted footage of the incident, recorded by their home security system, on TikTok, not realising the clip would soon transform her husband into a worldwide sensation.

She captioned the video – which has been viewed more than 4.7 million times in just two days – “when your husband tries to fix things he shouldn’t”, accompanied by the hashtag “keep your day job”.

The video sees the aspiring handyman walking up the steps with a plank of wood which he then slots comfortably into a gap in the decking.

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Then, deciding to test the stability of the flooring, he steps confidently on to the new panel – despite not having nailed it in place first.

Placing his full weight onto the plank forces the other end to flip up and thwack him firmly in the face.

Falling to the ground, he then sits – his leg dangling into the hole – as he rubs his sore head.

Fortunately only his pride was hurt by the mishap, Abby later confirmed.

Imagining their exchange, one fellow TikToker wrote: “Husband: Babe, I just hit my head hard with a floor board.

“Wife: rushes to see if outside camera recorded it for TikTok.”

Abby replied: “That’s exactly how it went!! Actually, I looked at the cameras after I dropped him off at the ER,” followed by a crying-with-laughter emoji.

The incident has been likened to a Looney Tunes scene, with numerous viewers hailing it as something straight out of a cartoon.

One TikToker asked: “Did he just Wile E. Coyote himself?”

“It’s the ‘doink’ for me,” commented another.

While another added: “He’s sitting there rethinking all of his life choices.”

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