Husband reveals the true meaning of love by keeping his wife's biggest secret

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The problem with telling white lies is that they have a habit of creeping up on you.

This is exactly what happened to a Tumblr user who admits to telling a seemingly insignificant lie for years.

The user in question, known as rue-by-another-name on Tumblr, has been lying that she has a peanut allergy to avoid being questioned about her dislike of peanut butter.

For years I have lived this lie, telling everyone I am allergic to peanuts because I hate the smell of peanut butter. Whenever I used to tell people I don’t like it they’d get all defensive like 'peanut butter is amazing how can you not like it?!'

This would be simple, but she also confesses to adoring peanut M&Ms.

I can only eat peanut M&Ms when I’m at home in secret. The only person who knows my lie is my husband!

The issue came to a head at a work celebration. Although she desperately wanted to snack from the giant bowl of peanut M&Ms, she had to refrain in order to maintain her story.

Thankfully, her husband-turned-accomplice was on hand to save the day.

When we got home my husband tipped his jacket over and emptied his pockets and at least thirty or so M&Ms fell out. He whispered: 'I was sneakily accumulating them all night for you because I could see the pain in your eyes.'

She concluded:

If that isn’t love I don’t know what is.

But the story quickly took a downward turn, with Tumblr users criticising her for inventing an allergy, noting that this makes life difficult for genuine sufferers.

After receiving hundreds of messages, Rue issued an apology.

There's nothing like a story about nuts to make the internet go nuts, right?

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