Jake Paul says he's so rich he doesn't even count his money anymore

Jake Paul says he's so rich he doesn't even count his money anymore
Jake Paul and Tommy Fury agree 'all or nothing' bet at press …

Gearing up for his big fight against Tommy Fury on Sunday, Jake Paul sat down with Piers Morgan to talk about his life and career as a boxer.

On Thursday, Paul, 26, called into Piers Morgan Uncensored via video for an “uncensored” interview.

And right off the bat, Morgan had a very uncensored question for the former social media star: How much money have you made?

Paul, who was once known as one of the biggest influencers on YouTube and Instagram, was synonymous with a flashy lifestyle.

“A lot,” Paul said laughing uncomfortably. “I don’t know it gets to a point you make so much you don’t even count it anymore. So yeah, I don’t really know.”

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Morgan questioned Paul’s authentic answer saying, “I find that hard to believe Jake you strike me as someone who knows exactly how much money you’ve made.”

But Paul insisted between his residuals, investments, and other financial endeavors, he can no longer keep track.

Safe to say, the social media star-turned-boxer is doing fine.

Paul said while having money is nice he pivoted his career away from YouTube and toward boxing because he wanted something new.

"To me, you know the money is great but I really love boxing and this is what I was put on Earth to do," Paul said.

Although Paul says he wasn't getting paid a lot when he first started out, his match against Fury has multi-millions behind it proving that Paul has fought his way into the big leagues.

Despite the big stakes, Paul is confident he'll beat Fury saying the 23-year-old, “doesn’t have the power, capabilities to do anything to be able to defeat me."

Paul said he's willing to take on notable fighters like Conor McGregor to prove himself in the sport. Morgan asked Paul whether or not he'd fight his older brother, Logan Paul, but Paul remained hesitant.

"If he's okay with being the older brother that loses," Paul said laughing.

Morgan, attempting to appeal to the situation, said he feels his younger brothers would say the same thing but he "still beat them in arm wrestling."

Paul, unsure what to say, responded, "Well, um. Good for you Piers."

Morgan also pressed Paul about his social media background, questioning why he only has 4.5 million followers on Twitter while Morgan has 8.4 million.

“Bro tag me. You gotta tweet me, tag me, I need some help there on Twitter,” Paul said.

Morgan laughed and agreed to give Paul a boost on Twitter in return for the “uncensored interview.”

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