Jameela Jamil used a housing metaphor to talk about abortion rights and some people were seriously confused

Jameela Jamil used a housing metaphor to talk about abortion rights and some people were seriously confused
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Jameela Jamil definitely means well.

The actress and activist does it very publicly too, running high profile campaigns for women’s rights and fighting unrealistic beauty standards on her social media platforms.

But sometimes the message gets a little lost in translation.

Like in her latest Instagram post.

The upload seems intended to come out swinging in support of a woman’s right to choose to abort or keep a pregnancy.

However, a dodgy analogy means the post reads more like she’s throwing her support behind that famously oppressed minority… landlords.

“The choice is the Landlord’s, not the tenant’s, nor the neighbour’s,” Jamil has written, over a snap of her reclining in a chair.

“Your uterus. Your choice.”

Unsurprisingly, a metaphor comparing landlords evicting tenants at will to abortion has raised a few eyebrows.

Some fans however, came to Jamil’s defence.

"Goodness me, some people have taken this very literally to argue,” commented one Instagram follower.

"I can understand that if ever a landlord of a building, it does not imply that I should be allowed to kill my tenant.

"I also understand the metaphor. Thanks for your ongoing pump for right to choose @jameelajamilofficial! Ladies and gents – please don’t be arguing over other people’s choices to choose. It is their body and the embryos/foetus they were instrumental in creating after all…”

Given that the end of a private tenancy became the single biggest cause of homelessness in 2018, with 216 families a week kicked out under “no-fault” evictions, it’s an interesting analogy for the normally socially aware Jamil to plump for.

No-fault evictions were deemed such a scourge that, under Theresa May’s leadership, the Tories announced plans earlier this year to ban the controversial Section 21 legislation that allowed them.

However, the reforms that would see Section 21 repealed have yet to be passed (so Jamil can rest easy).

It’s not the first time in 2019 Jamil has come under fire for social media posts.

In October she deleted tweets defending Ellen DeGeneres’s friendship with George W Bush after claiming she’d only just learned about “the full extent” of Bush’s “heinous presidency” – including the war in Iraq that has an estimated death toll of 600,000 and counting.

Given Jamil was 14 when the war started – and it sparked the largest ever peacetime protests seen in the UK – some questioned her plea of ignorance.

But perhaps we should give her the benefit of the doubt and accept that she really is as ignorant as she claims.

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