'I’m sorry for everything that I put you through'
'I’m sorry for everything that I put you through'

James Charles’ apparent decision to shave his head has shocked fans – but some on the internet are suspicious that his new look may not be all it seems.

The beauty YouTuber was first spotted without his hair on Thursday night, when he posed for Los Angeles paparazzo Kevin Wong on his way to dinner at Boa Steakhouse.

“I’m just trying something new,” the 21-year-old internet sensation said. “Do you like it? It’s gonna be my new look. It’s real. I just did it today.”

Asked “who did the honours” of shaving his head, Charles replied: “Oh, myself,” adding, “I had to film the entire thing.”

Charles’ name began trending on social media on Friday as footage of the interaction emerged, with the vlogger also teasing his new hairstyle on Instagram.

“My stories have been slacking so bad recently,” he wrote, following this story up with a photo of himself with his hair scrubbed out, captioned: “Wait until you guys see what I did with my hair...”

But with Charles yet to publish the clip of him actually shaving his head, some said they were unconvinced as to whether the beauty expert’s new look was genuine or whether he had in fact donned a bald cap.

In another Instagram story on Friday morning, Charles hinted at a new video which he said his fans “would not want to miss” – suggesting that all would soon be revealed.

In the meantime, he retweeted some of the inevitable jokes, including:

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