Jeremy Corbyn on the David Cameron dead pig claims: I have absolutely no response to give

Back in August, Jeremy Corbyn was the surprise front-runner for the Labour leadership contest, and dire portends were being issued about the future of the party with him at its helm.

Amid a flurry of attacks, from the press and ghosts of New Labour past, Corbyn vowed not to get involved.

"We are not doing celebrity, personality, abusive politics – we are doing ideas," he told the Guardian.

True to his word, Corbyn has steadfastly refused to get dragged into the big story in Westminster this week - namely that David Cameron reportedly did something bad to a dead pig as part of a university society initiation ceremony.

When asked about the alleged incident, detailed in an unauthorised biography of the prime minister co-authored by spurned millionaire Tory peer Lord Ashcroft, by the New Statesman, Corbyn replied that he had “absolutely no response at all”.

He added: “I am concerned about the alleged knowledge, or not, of the non-dom status of some of his friends in the House of Lords.”

Read the full New Statesman interview here.

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