David Cameron may have once done something bad with a dead pig and no one can cope

All Your Friends@matthewchampion
Monday 21 September 2015 09:30

In case you somehow missed it, the Daily Mail has quite an explosive story on its front page today.

That 'Revenge!' headline refers to the fact that Lord Ashcroft, who has co-authored a new, unauthorised biography of David Cameron with Isabel Oakeshott, has turned against the prime minister by claiming that, um, he did something bad with a dead pig.

Very bad.

If all of this sounds eerily familiar, it's because it's not a million miles away from the plot of one episode of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror, in which a fictitious PM has sex with a pig on live TV in order to meet the very specific demands of a princess' kidnapper.

Needless to say, Brooker and everyone else who has access to the internet are having the times of their lives.

Meanwhile, Downing Street says it won't be commenting on the dead pig.

A spokesman said: "We’re not going to be commenting on any of it."

We'll try to bring you some other news today if we can block out #piggate for long enough to concentrate on work.

HT Daily Mail

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