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On Halloween the son of the President of the United States, Donald Trump Junior, shared a photo of his daughter and decided to make a barb at an ideology that is absent from the American system of government.

Sharing a photo of the haul of candy his daughter Chloe had managed to pull in from trick-or-treating, Donald Jr. commented:

This was a little much for some, who pointed out the inherited wealth of Donald Junior, and Donald Senior for that matter.

Making a point about Chloe's great-grandfather Fred Trump, was the serial Trump Administration baiter, author JK Rowling.

Hours previously, the actor and musician John Legend weighed in with a similar point about 'nepotism' in the Trump dynasty.

Ivanka and brother Donald Jr. both hold roles in the Trump Organization, previously headed by their father the President.

President Trump currently employs his daughter Ivanka Trump as an official advisor to the President.

Jared Kushner, Ivanka's husband and the son-in-law of President Trump, is a Senior Advisor to the President, and also an Assistant to the President.

President Trump himself inherited the Trump business and millions of dollars from his father, Fred Trump.

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