Six of the most bizarre things Jordan Peterson has ever said

Six of the most bizarre things Jordan Peterson has ever said
Jordan Peterson says Meghan Markle's voice 'grates' on him

At this point, there’s not much Jordan Peterson could do or say that would surprise us.

The controversial Canadian psychologist has been making headlines for the strangest of reasons recently. We probably shouldn't be surprised though: his journey to prominence online has been an odd one, after all.

If you managed to miss it, he was suspended from Twitter after making derogatory remarks about actor Elliot Page in 2022.

Peterson has also been criticised for making a "condescending" appeal to Muslim fans, and became a meme when he raged against the "woke".

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In the time since he first came to internet fame he’s said some pretty bizarre things – and the most recent might be the most shocking of them all.

These are the most bizarre things Jordan Peterson has ever said in public.

When he shared a BDSM post


The first on the list, and definitely the strangest, is the incident that saw Peterson retweet a post featuring a BDSM fetish video of “male milking”.

The post he shared claimed that the clip was actually taken inside a Chinese Communist Party “sperm bank”, with the caption: “What’s going on in China? Three children policy?”

Thankfully, the post has now been deleted, but not before Peterson had shared it on his timeline for all his followers to see.

Peterson had also added his own caption: “Such fun in unbelievable techno-nightmare CCP hell.”

The post sparked a big reaction, not least from his daughter Mikhaila Peterson, who has since also deleted a post that read: “Dad you can’t retweet this on Twitter. My eyes will never recover.”

Things were soon cleared up, after the original poster later clarified that the video was actually created by a UK festish film production company, and had nothing to do with China at all [via SportSkeeda].

“Sorry. My mistake. I found this video on WeChat and they said this is China’s collection room for sp*rm bank. Turns out that this video is from UK,” the user reportedly wrote.

When he turned himself into a meme

This is a classic Peterson moment, and we think the first time where he started to look like a parody of himself.

The psychologist accidentally turned himself into a meme with his latest tirade against his perceived online enemies back in 2022.

After he was suspended from Twitter after making derogatory remarks about actor Elliot Page, Peterson posted a passionate 15-minute-long video on his Instagram and YouTube channel in which he noted that he'd "rather die" than remove the tweet to get himself back on the platform.

"Up yours, woke moralists. We'll see who cancels who," Peterson said in the clip.

When he said he was a hero to 'incels' and cried in front of Piers Morgan

Peterson broke down in tears after being asked whether he was a hero to the ‘incel’ community.

Director Olivia Wilde previously revealed that Peterson was the inspiration for Chris Pine’s villain in her film Don’t Worry Darling.

“We based that character on this insane man, Jordan Peterson, who is this pseudo-intellectual hero to the incel community,” Wilde said at the time.

Peterson was appearing on Piers Morgan Uncensored when he was asked about the description.

Morgan asked: "Is that you? Are you the intellectual hero to these people?"

"Sure, why not. People have been after me for a long time because I have been speaking to young men, what a terrible thing to do," Peterson replied, visibly emotional.

After tearing up, he added: "I thought the marginalised were supposed to have a voice?"

Peterson went on to criticise the term ‘incel’, saying: "God, you know. It’s very difficult to understand how demoralised people are, and certainly many young men are in that category.”

When he tried to explain to the Pope how Christianity works

Peterson showed just how self-confident he is after he tried to convince the Pope he was wrong about the role of Christianity in a recent Twitter exchange.

It comes after the official Pope Francis Twitter profile tweeted: “#SocialJustice demands that we fight against the causes of poverty: inequality and the lack of labour, land, and lodging; against those who deny social and labour rights; and against the culture that leads to taking away the dignity of others.”

Peterson disagreed with the statement and wrote: “There is nothing Christian about #SocialJustice. Redemptive salvation is a matter of the individual soul.”

When he was triggered by paper towel dispensers

One of the most ridiculous moments on Peterson’s social media came when he took issue with paper towel dispensers in a bathroom.

On Twitter, the Canadian psychologist posted a photo of a paper towel dispenser with a sign encouraging people to use fewer paper towels to dry their hands.

“Remember you don’t need an arm’s length of paper towel to dry your hands. Use less and place what you use in the paper towel receptacle provided- it’s compostable,” the sign says.

Taking issue with it, he wrote, “Up yours, woke moralists. Tyranny is always petty– and petty tyranny will not save the planet.”

Beyond weird.

When he was upset that a Nazi in a Captain America comic shared his ideas

Peterson wasn’t too happy to find out that his ideas have been adopted by Captain America’s far-right nemesis the Red Skull back in 2021.

In an astonishing set of tweets, the outspoken author shared a series of images from the Captain America series penned by acclaimed writer Ta-Nehisi Coates.

In the panels from the comic, the Red Skull, leader of the extreme Nazi offshoot organisation Hydra looks to have adopted an online campaign agenda where he is dishing out rules to his followers and potential recruits.

Some of these guidelines for his ‘Ten Rules of Life’ include ‘chaos and order,’ ‘Karl Lueger’s genius’ (an Austrian politician who is considered to be a model for Hitler’s Nazi Party) and ‘The Feminist Trap.’ Peterson’s best-known book is called 12 Rules for Life.

In another set of panels, Captain America criticises the Red Skull for preying on ‘weak young men’ by telling them that they are “secretly great” and that “if they are truly men, they’ll fight back.”

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