Kai Cenat mocks Drake for saying his name wrong

Kai Cenat mocks Drake for saying his name wrong
Streamer Kai Cenat makes Rolling Stone's 'influential people' list
Kai Cenat

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat has roasted the rapper Drake for always mispronouncing his last name.

Cenat has made a name for himself as an internet personality in recent years and has even featured famous musicians such as Nicki Minaj and Tyla in his streams.

The streamer recently appeared on the Barstool Sports’ series Sundae Conversation, hosted by the blogger Caleb Pressley. During their conversation, Pressley asked Cenat if there is anyone who pronounces his name wrong and the Twitch streamer wasn’t shy in naming an A-lister.

“Hell yeah!” Cenat responded. “Drake does it all the time.”

Pressley asked Cenat how the Canadian rapper pronounces it, and he explained that Drake is guilty of pronouncing his surname as though it was spelt “Cenot” and not in the way it is meant to be pronounced, like “Ce-‘gnat’”.

He continued: “Can you believe that s**t?” adding, “It's Kai Cenat. Drake says 'Kai Cenot’.”

It comes not long after Cenat confirmed his friendship with Drake after fans believed he had been blocked by the Toronto rapper.

Live on a stream, fans encouraged Cenat to phone Drake after Kendrick Lamar released a diss track about him amid their rapper beef.

“Okay, let me call Drake and see if he answers, chat. Let me see if he answers. You think I've got his number, right?” Cenat said.

After he called him, Cenat said, “On God, it’s green. His number changed”, leading fans to suspect Cenat had been blocked and that’s why his messages were showing in green.

He later explained: “Drake didn't block me. That's his old number. He just got a new number.”

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