Kaley Cuoco thinks flight attendants should be ‘tipped’ and people are not happy

Kaley Cuoco thinks flight attendants should be ‘tipped’ and people are not happy
Kaley Cuoco Talks 'The Flight Attendant' Season 2
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Kaley Cuoco said that flight attendants "deserve tips," which sparked a debate on social media.

On Tuesday (18 October), Cuoco,36, who appears in the HBO Max series The Flight Attendant, made that declaration in a TMZinterview at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

She said she has an appreciation for flight attendants after playing one herself.

Despite this, the internet went into a bit of a meltdown, with many claiming they would never give extra money to anyone who works for airlines.

One person on Twitter angrily wrote: "[The] airlines are soooooo bad these days. After getting billions of taxpayer $$, they are asking the FAA to allow them to reduce seat sizes again. Tip the stewardess? They don't do anything but act like they rule the roost and serve half a can of drink and crappy peanuts."

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"We pay big airlines tickets enough. One trip with my young son was 5 thousand dollars, so nope," another added.

Others believe that the concept of tipping should be rid of in all areas:

One added: "I vote we eliminate tipping and organizations pay their staff better."

"Let's not try to expand tipping to the other service industries. With the economic headwinds, we are facing amid soaring inflation, finding ways to spend more money is not a good solution. Next, they'll be passing around tip buckets for the Captain and luggage handlers," another wrote.

Flight attendant unions generally oppose tipping flight attendants.

"Tipping is not part of a Flight Attendant's compensation for serving as aviation's first responders. Flight Attendants are certified for our safety, health, and security work. Safety is not variable, and therefore, base compensation for a safety job cannot be variable," said the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) said:

And although flight attendants don't expect to receive tips from passengers, they will still sometimes try to give them a little extra compensation.

Many major airlines have policies against passengers accepting tips.

Still, according to USA Today, other airlines like Southwest tend to discourage tips, but if a passenger insists, the attendant is permitted to accept a tip.

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