Kanye West tells Piers Morgan he's (partly) sorry over antisemitic post

Kanye West tells Piers Morgan he's (partly) sorry over antisemitic post
Kanye West apologises for 'hurt and confusion' caused by antisemitic comments

Kanye West said he's "sorry" for his antisemitic post on Piers Morgan's TalkTV show.

In a clip from the upcoming interview shared to the Piers Morgan Uncensored official Twitter, Morgan asked West (legally known as Ye) if he had any regrets for the remark.

"Do you now regret saying Death Con 3 on Jewish people? Are you sorry you said that?" Morgan asked.

"No, absolutely not," the rapper and designer responded, which prompted Morgan to tell West he "should be" remorseful.

Morgan continued: "When you insult the Jewish people and say you're going Death Con 3 on the Jewish people, that is as racist as anything you say you've been through and any pain that you've experienced. It's the same thing.

"Racism is racism, and you know that I think. Don't you?"

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West then admitted that he made the sentiment, fully aware that it was racist.

"I fought fire with fire," he said.

However, West further noted that he is sorry for those that he hurt along the way.

"You know, I will say I am sorry for the people I hurt with the Death Con… the confusion that I caused.

"I feel that I caused hurt and confusion, and I am sorry for the families of the people that had nothing to do with the trauma that I had been through and that I used my platform," West said.

He added: "Hurt people hurt people, and I was hurt."

The Uncensored clip with West comes as radio personality Howard Stern expressed his frustration with people excusing the rapper's behaviour due to "mental health issues."

"I don't know much about Kanye West. I'm not big into the rap scene, but, he is, you know — I'm really tired of people excusing his behaviour by saying, 'Well, he's just mentally ill,'" Stern said on The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday (19 October).

Co-host Robin Quivers chimed in: "So was Hitler, but somebody elected him to run a country."

Stern eventually played a clip from West's interview with NewsNation's Chris Cuomo, in which West slammed what he called the "Jewish Underground Media Mafia" for not referring to him as a billionaire or tycoon.

"When they write about me, they call me the shock jock. You don't have control over - You are a rapper. That is what you are. That's how you became famous," Stern said.

And as Stern and Quivers continued to play the interview clips, Stern called West "Hitler" and how it's "depressing" because the rapper used to be "fun crazy."

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