Kim Kardashian/Instagram

In an advertisement on Instagram, Kim Kardashian West recently stripped down to her underwear to flog a detox shake.

The advert, posted on 9 January, has already hit 3.2 million likes.

But the main topic of discussion in comments is the state of her kitchen.

Some fans were bemused with what they saw as an unclean and ugly place for preparing food.

Some followers were unhappy with the stainless steel surfaces, commenting:

Who wants to be barefoot in this kitchen?!

If it is the kitchen of your house! It's dirty and ugly.

Out the back of the fish and chip shop?

Social media comedian The Fat Jewish commented:

Are you in a prison kitchen?

Kim Kardashian West probably doesn't care, though.

Harper's Bazaar reported last year that some companies have been known to pay up to $500,000 for an advert on her Instagram.

HT Evening Standard

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