Kim Kardashian defended for 'shady' birthday bikini post about Kourtney

Kim Kardashian defended for 'shady' birthday bikini post about Kourtney
Kim Kardashian heats up spring break in a tiny bikini and body …
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Kim Kardashian has been defended by her sister Kourtney on Instagram after Kim shared a post, dubbed 'shady' in the comments, to celebrate her older sister's birthday.

Kourtney turned 45 on April 18 2024 and Kim posted a picture on the social media site of the two of them plus younger sister Khloe all in black bikinis.

The picture was taken on their recent trip to Turks and Caicos - but it left fans divided.

Some claimed Kim picked a photo in which she looked the best and a number of others praised how Kourtney's postpartum figure looks.

Kim's post said: "Happy Birthday Queen. There's no one on this planet that I have spent more time with and have all of the same memories with growing up than you and I cherish them all.

"Sharing a room and friends and cars and our lives together for four decades has been the most magical journey to have you by my side. I love you and I can’t wait for another 45 years together!

"I will especially cherish this last sister trip where all of our kids had dance parties 'til they passed out, the way we all did growing up! Celebrating you today and grateful to you forever for always giving the best advice a sister could possibly give!"

Kourtney commented on the post, saying: "This caption I love you sooooo and so grateful for all of the incredible memories we have together... When I think it, it's like a movie plays in my head of all of them! So blessed! "

Another comment was from cantbetam_ed, who said: "Now you know she's not going to like this photo... lol it's her bday Kim... lol."

And Kourtney replied directly to that, defending Kim.

She said: "I LOVE this photo! It is me and my sisters having the best time on a trip with our kids... And the memories to last forever! And I LOVE this body that gave me my three big babies and my little baby boy."

Kourtney's husband, Travis Barker, also commented with a love heart.

After Kim shared the post, other comments came flooding in.

kalysa_davinroy said: "Kourt looks so fire postpartum!!!"

dark_angel_1031 said: "Can we talk about how good Kourtney looks tho!!! 4 kids later and naturally showing it off."

flower_bayb said: "I think Kourtney looks absolutely gorgeous yay for her looking real!!"

kate.muffet said: "Well this was intentional."

paige_oman2442 said: "Tell me Kim and Kourtney are feuding without telling me Kim and Kourtney are feuding."

mlleshaj__ said: "Shady af."

Most recently, a number of comments include 'thanK you aIMee', which is one of the new tracks off The Tortured Poets Department, Taylor Swift's new album, understood to be about Kim.

Khloe and Travis both shared birthday posts celebrating Kourtney's birthday on Instagram too.

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