Kanye West Reacts to Kim Kardashian’s Vogue Cover: ‘Bring Our Family Back ...

Kim Kardashian has been slammed on social media for her recent US Vogue cover.

The Skims founder was revealed this week as the cover star for Vogue's March issue, where she is photographed wearing a variety of designer apparel such as Balenciaga and Givenchy.

As is frequently the source of outrage among the Kardashian family, Kim was accused of blackfishing in the editorial images.

Notably a popular Instagram account, Diet Prada, which is known for sharing controversies in the fashion industry called out the magazine and Kim. The account noted similarities between Kardashian's photos for the cover shoot and other Black fashion models, including Naomi Campbell, and Black singers like Beyonce and Nina Simone.

"Kim and Vogue said 'Black History Month,'" the account quipped.

They also included several hashtags in their post further criticizing Kim including "#blackfishing."

Karen Attiah, a Black columnist for The Washington Post, agreed that the cover was distasteful, writing: "In the middle of Black History Month, they drop this on us. So *tired* of being told a Kardashian is 'redefining beauty' when Black women have been setting beauty and style trends for decades."

"Also, where's the Andre Leon Talley appreciation Vogue edition?" Attiah added. Talley, who passed away last month was a former Vogue editor and fashion pioneer.

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Despite the widely reshaped post by Diet Prada, many online debated whether the account's criticism was valid, explaining that Kim's editorial shot was styled by a Black stylist, Carlos Nazari.

"Diet Prada is also extremely messy for adding fire to this Vogue cover controversy. The reference shots by no means shows Black Fishing, both editorials of Naomi and Kim styled by the same Black Stylist who was left uncredited. Let’s not be cavalier with these claims.."

"Diet Prada is weird for that Kim K post. They are do that thing where they make false equivalencies to stoke people into outrage and don’t point out actual instances where Kim does blackfishing."

"I think beyond being super embarrassed for diet prada, this makes me kind of mad? It’s too obvious that this is a ploy to get ppls blood up so they use a black icon/BHM and “defend” them against known culture vulture Kim to appear virtuous. But what they want is profile clicks"

Another person also offered a possible explanation as to why a tribute for Talley was excluded from the cover.

"Re: Vogue X André tribute. Not capping for miss Vogue, but i think there’s some confusion on how print production works. That Kim cover was already edited, credits sent in & sent over for production, whereas that phenomenal Ebony tribute cover is completely digital."

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