Why Kourtney Kardashian has unfollowed Charli D’Amelio on Instagram

Why Kourtney Kardashian has unfollowed Charli D’Amelio on Instagram
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Kourtney Kardashian seems to have unfollowed Charli D'Amelio on Instagram which has sparked a number of theories from social media users as to why.

It was reported by Instagram account teatoktalk on April 25.

Kourtney is married to Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker - Charli used to go out with Travis's son Landon.

It's understood Kourtney and Charli's friendship can be traced back to 2022 when Charli and Landon started dating - when Charli won Dancing With the Stars in November 2022, Kourtney and Travis were in the live studio audience to cheer her on.

Charli made an appearance on hit TV show The Kardashians in July 2023 and shared her support for Kourtney when she had foetal surgery in September 2023.

Charli and Landon broke up in February 2024.

There's no official reason as to why Kourtney has unfollowed Charli at this stage but on the post from teatoktalk, a number of users have commented their theories as to why Kourtney has unfollowed Charli with one in particular proving popular.

finstaforteaa said: "I mean personally I don't want my stepmom following my ex... Idk why we are reading so much into s**t like this it probably wasn't even personal."

millie_oakley1 said: "Why are people mad at Kourtney for unfollowing Charli? She no longer has a connection to Charli therefore she doesn't need to follow her anymore, her loyalties lies with her stepson."

xoxo.drama_clique said: "Y'all really think she gon keep following her stepson ex girlfriend that's weird. The only reason she started was because Charli was dating Landon and was always around."

dana.nicki said: "I mean she's his stepmom? Why are people so shocked."

mostlycharli89 said: "Unfollows are so uncomfortable, it feels like they're trying to prove something."

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