Lil Nas X ‘time travel’ in new video to help himself as struggling closeted teen and people are about to cry
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This week, rapper Lil Nas X shared a candid message and photos from his soon-to-be-released music video, “Sun Goes Down.”

The two images he released on Twitter show him in an all-white suit and white tie and cool-toned purple background.

“In the “sun goes down” video i go back in time to visit a younger version self who’s struggling inside, hating himself, & doesn’t want to live anymore,” Nas’ caption begins.

“I try my best to uplift him. can’t wait to share this song and video with you guys on Friday. This one is really special to me,” he continues.

In sharing this uplifting message of hope, fans on Twitter didn’t hesitate to exclaim their joy and excitement over this upcoming drop. Many people are expecting to be in floods of tears when the video airs on Friday.

“omg we cannot wait king,” wrote a commenter.

“we’re so excited for this and ready for it to go number 1 king just like everything you do we got you,” wrote another commenter.

Nas also took to Instagram to share the news.

Nas is getting set for the release of “Sun Goes Down” weeks after the controversial visuals of the garden of even and pole dancing straight to hell to grind on Satan for MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) and ‘Satan Shoes’ in collaboration with the brand MSCHF. 

Gov. Kristie Noem of South Dakota spoke out against the shoes, saying, “we are in a fight for the soul of our nation.”

Nas’ debut album Montero is also expected to be released this summer with no date available as of yet.

In conversation with British GQ for the May issue, the star noted that he once thought his attraction to other men was a “temporary test” from God that he could ascend from.

“That was one of the main reasons why I never wanted to be gay,” Nas told British GQ.

“I even thought, ‘If I have these feelings, it’s just a test. A temporary test. It’s going to go away. God is just tempting me,” he continued.

From then, Nas has a newfound sense of optimism and bravery when it comes to embracing who he really is and inspiring others to do the same. And on Friday, the world gets to take a glimpse into this journey.

“Sun Goes Down” will be released on Friday, May 21, 2021. You can also pre-save and pre-add the song on Apple Music or Spotify via this link here.

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