Resurfaced clip shows Logan Paul shaking 15-year-old's hand after learning how much he made from YouTube

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A clip of YouTubers Logan Paul and Jack Doherty talking about income is making its way around the internet again, reminding people how shocked Paul was to learn that Doherty was making over half a million each year.

In the clip, then 15-years-old, Doherty reveals to Paul he recently made his first big purchase, a house in Tennessee. Paul is stunned to hear this and spirals alongside his co-hosts to figure out how the young man was able to afford a home.

"Be honest with me, how much money have you made from YouTube at 15 years old," Paul asks.

"Take a guess and I'll say higher or lower," Doherty returns. Paul guesses half a million dollars, co-host Mike Majlak guesses $882,000.

Both times, Doherty says 'higher' leading Paul and Majlak dumbfounded. The men's jaws and Paul stands up to shake the 15-year-old's hand.

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Paul was continuously shocked by Doherty's knowledge of financial investments and terms. It was clear the 15-year-old had done his research since he explained he bought the house in a state he did not live in for a greater ROI.

Despite having a massive income and understanding of investments, Doherty was still attending public school at the time of the interview.

Meanwhile, Paul was 24-years-old and hosting his podcast, IMPAULSIVE, during his brother, Jake Paul's, fake wedding to fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau.

Although both young men were, and are, extremely successful, Doherty's impressive YouTube stats at a young age made him stand out.

Doherty, who is 18-years-old now, still makes YouTube videos for his 3.2 million subscribers.

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