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Madonna has fallen victim to internet trolls after posting a series of random TikTok clips.

A recent viral video, which racked up almost 15 million views, showed the 63-year-old looking into the camera lipsyncing along to the chorus of her Frozen remix, released by producer Sickick last year.

The brief clip received thousands of remarks and digs surrounding her appearance, rather than her style and music.

One fellow TikToker penned: “Madonna would be more badass if she just aged regularly and would be perfect pulling that off.”

While another harshly criticised the star and her TikTok, saying: "Not gonna lie, this scared me so bad."

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Well now, in a resurfaced 1992 interview on BBC’s JonathanRoss Presents, as reported by Pink News, the pop icon appeared to have predicted the trolling to come. She raised valid arguments around sexuality and ageism.

Madonna asked: “Do you think perhaps that you will be someone who will challenge this kind of taboo of women losing their sexuality or not being seen as sexual animals as much when they get past 40?”

“I think that not only do we suffer from racism and sexism, but we also suffer from ageism,” Madonna retorted, appearing to predict what was to come.

“And that is that once you reach a certain age, you’re not allowed to be adventurous, you’re not allowed to be sexual and I think that’s rather hideous.”

Just last year, the star was also criticised for her Instagram shot that was removed because her nipple was visible.

She later reposted the photoshoot, saying: “Giving thanks that I have managed to maintain my sanity through four decades of censorship…… sexism……ageism and misogyny."

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