Miley Cyrus claims she once had an 'experience' with an alien after being 'chased' by a UFO
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Miley Cyrus has claimed that she once had an “experience” with an alien.

The singer said that the whole ordeal was so distressing that it left her unable to “look at the sky” for days.

Speaking to Interview magazine, Cyrus responded to a question about alien life.

She said: “I had an experience, actually. I was driving through San Bernardino with my friend and I got chased down by some sort of UFO."

She continued:

I’m pretty sure about what I saw but I’d also bought weed wax from a guy in a van in front of a taco shop so it could have been the weed wax.

Cyrus then described the UFO as looking like a "flying snowplough" that was "glowing yellow".

She insists that her friend saw it too, as did "a couple of other cars on the road".

Later in the interview, she claimed she had made eye contact with the alien.

Cyrus said:

It looked at me and we made eye contact and I think that’s what really shook me, looking into the eyes of something that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around.

She added:

I was shaken for like five days. It f***ed me up. I couldn’t really look at the sky the same. I thought they might come back.

Miley, we imagine the weed wax had something to do with it.

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