Natalie Bennett is not having the best of times at the moment.

Last month she gave what has widely been described as the worst interview by a UK political leader ever, and the Green Party is down in the polls in London, presumably as a result.

By her own admission the interview, with LBC, was "excruciating" and the result of "brain fade", but those words may yet haunt the Green leader, who today spoke at her party's conference in Liverpool.

Arriving at the conference centre, where 1,300 activists are expected to be in attendance, she was ambushed by Channel 4 News's political correspondent Michael Crick, who asked: "Have you got your brain in gear today?"

Her response was, um, less than impressive.

In the interest of fairness, you can watch highlights of her speech - in which she said the Green Party had taken its place at the "forefront" of UK politics - below:

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