Want to make a bleedingly obvious joke and lose a bunch of money in the process? Betfair has your back, naming its favourites for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's sequel human as South, East and West.

The bookmaker has put 'West West' at 6/1, meaning if you put in a stake of £100 you would almost certainly lose £100.

It missed out on making a 'North North West' gag, although scored plenty of others, offering long odds on names like 'Yeezus West', 'Mid West' and 'Wild West'.

The smart money (insofar as any money gambled can be considered intelligent) would be on Donda, the name of Kanye's late mother with whom he was very close.

Kardashian's highly-anticipated second baby follows the wild success of her first, North, who is pretty much the best-dressed infant in Hollywood

Betfair odds in full:

South 6/1 East 6/1 West 6/1 Mid 10/1 Junior 10/1 Donda 10/1 Kim 14/1 Kanye 14/1 Rose 14/1 Flower 16/1 Kimi 16/1 Oprah 16/1 Kris 16/1 Karma West 16/1 Kenya 16/1 Key 16/1 Kyoto 16/1 Port 20/1 Yeezy 20/1 America 20/1 Paris 20/1 Kimye 25/1 Jesus 25/1 Yeezus 25/1 Dollar 28/1 Beyonce 33/1 Kendall 33/1 Kylie 33/1 Reggie 33/1 Beatrice 33/1 Georgia 33/1 Power 33/1 Vegas 33/1 Charles 33/1 Jay 33/1 Moses 33/1 Taylor 33/1 Wild 40/1 Cork 40/1

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