Kim Kardashian bans selfies at launch of her book about... selfies

There'll be none of this at the launch
There'll be none of this at the launch

In what is surely the ultimate celebrity irony Kim Kardashian apparently banned the taking of selfies at her book launch (a bit of context: the book is called Selfish and it’s about taking selfies).

While you take a second to digest that information, here are some facts about the book: it contains 400 photographs of which 40 pages are devoted entirely to naked snaps she’s sent her husband Kanye West throughout their relationship.

While Kardashian’s rep last night denied that selfies at the New York signing had been banned, an attendee suggested otherwise, claiming that the decision was to keep the queue moving quickly.

Incidentally what are Kim’s tips for the perfect selfie? It’s all about bright lighting, apparently: “And if it’s not good lighting, then you do the more moody vibe,” she said on Monday.

“And you just take about 500 pictures until you get the right one.”

A breeze!

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