Rapper Offset teases new music with Jamie Lee Curtis skit

Rapper Offset teases new music with Jamie Lee Curtis skit
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Rapper Offset has teased new music with a hilarious spoof skit featuring the actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

Offset made the announcement of new music with a viral clip posted across his social media pages, that featured Curtis playing the role of a news presenter and himself parodying a musical legend.

It appears the rapper took inspiration from the funk performer James Brown and his infamous 1988 CNN interview after he was released on bail for alleged assault on his wife.

Curtis, as the news reporter, could be heard asking Offset: “Your fans are saying that there's a lot of drama between you and your beautiful wife, Cardi B.”

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Offset simply laughed in response, and Curtis’ reporter character replied: “You’re not going to answer my f**king question, are you?”

Curtis continued, saying, “She seems upset, Offset”. Offset ended the video, stating, “Let’s talk about some music” before the words “July 28th” appeared on the screen.

The video parodied the Brown interview in which reporter Sonya Friedman attempted to ask the singer about his relationship and the charges, but Brown evaded the question by laughing, singing and veering the conversation to his tour.

On Twitter, the clip has been viewed 2.5 million times and people have commented on the creativity of the announcement.

“The James Brown reference got me cackling!!!” one person said.

Someone else wrote: “I wanna know what the call to Jamie was like for this one.”

“Got queen Jamie Lee Curtis to help re-enact one of the greatest interviews of all time. This is art,” wrote another Twitter user.

Someone else said: “Amazing promo.”

The hilarious promo comes after Cardi B publicly warned her husband Offset amid cheating accusations.

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