Paris Hilton and Jimmy Fallon talking about their NFTs might be the most awkward thing you see today

Paris Hilton surprises Tonight Show audiences by giving out NFTs

Paris Hilton joined The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to discuss NFTs, and the result left many people on the internet feeling second-hand embarrassment.

The reality TV star has made her support for the cryptocurrency world repeatedly known and even shared a viral moment in the past with TV host Jimmy Fallon where she explained to him what NFTS, or non-fungible tokens, are.

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In her latest appearance, it appears as though Fallon is all but caught up in the world of NFTs. Praising Hilton for being named one of the most influential figures in the NFT space, Fallon revealed that he actually purchased his own recently.

"I'm so proud. I love being a part of this community and being a voice and sharing my platform and just getting the word out there because I think it's just such an incredible thing to be part of," Hilton said.

"I bought an ape," Fallon exclaimed to which Hilton responded, "I got an ape too."

Both Hilton and Fallon then proceeded to show off their Bored Apes NFTs to the audience which really just looks like pictures of an ape.

Even though Fallon and Hilton did their best to portray their excitement over the NFTs, which in itself is still a very rare sentiment among celebs, it became clear that the audience really had no idea what they were talking about.

Later on in the segment, Hilton even gifted NFTs to the audience and declared that the Metaverse is the “future of partying.”

Despite this, people on social media could just not let go of how bizarre and forced the NFTs endorsement felt from both parties.

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