Paris Hilton is not pregnant, despite a slew of false stories claiming the reality star is expecting.

The reality TV mogul has taken to her podcast, “This Is Paris,” to personally refute the allegations, initially thanking listeners for their congratulations — in jest. “Thank you guys for the congratulations. I really appreciate it and I am just so excited for motherhood,” she said, quickly adding: “Actually, I’m just kidding. I am not pregnant.”

“Not yet. I am waiting until after the wedding,” she clarified, referencing her upcoming nuptials to fiancé Carter Reum. “My dress is being made right now, so I want to make sure it looks gorgeous and fits perfectly. So [I’m] definitely waiting for that.”

“I see there are tons of stories coming out with the headline, ‘Paris Hilton is pregnant.’ I guess I shouldn’t have worn my new push-up bra from my new lingerie line,” she continued.

Indeed, the reality star has a theory as to how the rumours started: Her new “Paris Hilton push-up bra” must have made onlookers assume such was the case. ”I was wearing it at dinner with my fiancé Carter, we went to Nobu in Malibu,” she explained. “And I guess some people got some shots and they put them out and now they have a very reliable source that says Paris Hilton is pregnant.”

“People always make up rumours…but I’m not [pregnant] yet! I will be after the wedding, I can’t wait to have children in 2022.,” she said, going on to say that she can’t wait to have a “baby girl” she hopes to name London, of course. Paris also hopes to name a future son after “a country or city,” but wants to keep that one a surprise, as she doesn’t want anyone stealing the name.

In January of 2021, Paris said that she and Carter were starting in-vitro fertilisation treatments on “The Trend Reporter with Mara” podcast. But still, Paris concluded her short podcast episode reiterating that she is not pregnant.

“The only thing in the oven at the moment is my ‘Sliving Lasagna,’” she said, a nod to her reality show, “Cooking With Paris,” set to debut next month.

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