Paul Gascoigne used to get paranoid over stories about Gaza

Paul Gascoigne has revealed he used to get paranoid over reports on the conflict in Gaza as he thought they were about him.

Speaking to the Press Association ahead of the release of a new documentary about his life, the former footballer - known as 'Gazza' - said: "I tell you what was the worst one, the Gaza Strip. You know the term the Gaza Strip, remember that? That was murder for me.

"I'd be sitting there having a shave and that, and the news would come on, 'And the Gazza...', and I'd be like, 'What's that?!', and I realised it was the Gaza Strip. I couldn't wait for that to end."

Gascoigne, 48, retired from football in 2004 and has publicly battled alcohol addition and mental illness.

Gascoigne premiered in London on Monday:

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