People are now crowdfunding to buy Kesha out of her recording contract

With news of Taylor Swift's $250,000 donation to Kesha, there has been little focus on Brandon de la Cruz.

The man from Nashville, Tennessee, has set up a GoFundMe page to try and buy the singer out of her contract with Sony, to the tune of $2 million.

Kesha is embroiled in an ongoing legal dispute with her record label and producer Lukasz Gottwald (stage name Dr Luke), seeking to be released from her contract.

She has not recorded any new music in over two years because she refuses to work with him, and has made allegations of sexual abuse against him. Gottwald has consistently and strongly denied the allegations, which he claims are motivated by money, and has countersued Kesha, her mother and manager for defamation.

Kesha had asked the courts to grant her a preliminary injunction that would give her a temporary break from Kemosabe Records records (now part of Sony) and allow her to make music with others, but it was denied.

It effectively told her that she could either work with Dr Luke or not make music at all.

In response, #FreeKesha began trending on twitter.

Dr Luke has denied all allegations.

He wrote:

I’m someone who saw the verdict on Friday and got angry at how our society treats women. Kesha was blamed for not speaking up sooner, then she wasn't believed when she did speak, and now she’s being criticised for not having any evidence.

If the courts won't help her, who can? We can. If we can collect enough support to show Sony we’re serious, there’s a chance that we could get Kesha released from her contract.

This is a campaign to achieve justice where the legal system has failed.

The campaign has already raised over $15,000 in three days.

De la Cruz told indy100:

I heard about the court ruling last Friday, and I saw the photo of Kesha crying and it broke my heart. I wanted to do something to help, and I thought it might be nice to start something that her fans could rally around.

Right now there are people staging protests and boycotts, working on t-shirts, opening Etsy shops, doing everything they can to set her free. And I think it's going to work.

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