Piers Morgan shares story about Robbie Coltrane calling him a 'f**king w**ker' in public

Piers Morgan shares story about Robbie Coltrane calling him a 'f**king w**ker' in public
Robbie Coltrane’s best roles as actor dies aged 72

Piers Morgan has posted a tribute to the late great actor, Robbie Coltrane, despite the Harry Potter and James Bond star once calling the outspoken broadcaster and journalist a "f**king w**ker" in public.

The much beloved Scottish actor passed away on Friday, October 14th, aged 72 his agent, Belinda Wright confirmed.

Numerous tributes were posted to the star after his death was announced with many choosing to recite a recent quote of his about Hagrid from the Harry Potter reunion special, which aired earlier this year.

Piers Morgan waited until Saturday morning to post his tribute to the late actor, who by all accounts couldn't stand the former Good Morning Britain host.

On Twitter, Morgan wrote: "I could pay fulsome tribute to Robbie Coltrane, who was a superb actor, but he would hate it because he hated me. Instead, here is my full diary entry for our one comically unpleasant encounter, which I’m sure is how he’d prefer me to remember him. RIP."

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Morgan then shared a link to a Daily Mail column that he wrote in 2008 about an encounter that he had with Coltrane at The Ivy restaurant in London's Covent Garden.

In the piece, Morgan recounted how Coltrane came very close to being only the second celebrity that had ever punched him, the first and only being Jeremy Clarkson. Morgan wrote: "Now this fact sometimes surprises me: I've been punched by only one celebrity, ever. Despite 20 years of taunting, exposing and mocking famous people, only Jeremy Clarkson has ever actually landed one on me.

"But at 11.31pm tonight, I was fairly sure I was going to receive my second celebrity fist in the kisser, when Robbie Coltrane stood up in the middle of The Ivy restaurant in London, stared into my eyes with the kind of evil intent that puts Joe Calzaghe to shame and informed me: 'I'll f****** do yer, yer f****** w*****.'

Quite how this escalated to this point remains unclear but Morgan continues: "But I feared this admiration society might not be entirely mutual when I was led towards my table and Mr Coltrane, sitting two feet away, greeted my arrival with the words: 'OH F****** HELL! NOT THAT F****** W*****!' I turned to see who he was talking about, and then realised his drooping, inflamed eyes were looking at me."

Morgan adds: "I stood up and introduced myself. 'I don't think we've met,' I said, offering my hand.

'Don't you f****** come near me,' he responded, his face contorted into blind, eye-popping fury.

'I'm sorry?'

'I said don't you f****** come near me if you know what's good for you.'

'What's your problem?' 'You're my f****** problem.' 'Why?' 'F*** off'."

And that would appear to be the end of the minor conflict between the pair and although they both shared a birthday of March 30th they clearly didn't see eye to eye.

That being said Morgan's tribute to Coltrane possibly sums up their relationship to a tee.

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