People can’t believe how much a young Prince Philip looks like Prince Harry

People can’t believe how much a young Prince Philip looks like Prince Harry

A photograph of a younger Prince Philip, in the late 1950s, has gone viral, as people cannot believe how similar he looks to his grandson Prince Harry.

A resurfaced photo, first published by Paris Match magazine in 1957 was shared by photographer Chris Jackson on Monday, following the Duke of Edinburgh’s death on Friday.

The photo from the French magazine features Philip wearing the Tropical Dress of the Blues and Royal, a cavalry regiment of the British Army. Harry had worn the same outfit, which is one of the official Orders of Dress for Blues and Royals, during a trip in the Bahamas as part of the 2012 Diamond Jubilee tour.

Jackson complimented Philip on how suave he looked in the vintage picture but many people in the comments were blown away by the striking similarity between Philip, who was 36 at the time to Harry, who is also 36.

“He looks so much like Harry in that picture!” one person commented with another adding: “This is the first time I saw that Prince Harry looks exactly like his grandfather.”

It is definitely rare to see a colour photo of any member of the Royal Family from this period but many might not have realised that Harry shared a very similar complexion, especially when it comes to eye and facial hair colour.

The majority of comments on Jackson’s post all said the same thing and eventually, Paris Match picked up on it and shared a side-by-side comparison and they might just be on to something.

Harry, who has something of a fractured relationship with his own family right now, did pay tribute to his grandfather on Monday who he called the “master of the barbecue” and “legend of banter.”

Harry is expected to attend Philip’s funeral on Saturday but his pregnant wife Meghan will be staying in the US on doctor’s orders.

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