People share memories and anecdotes about Prince Philip following his death

People share memories and anecdotes about Prince Philip following his death

Charming, sharp as a tack – and the sort of man who would know what to do in a bear attack.

These are just some of the ways in which people are describing Prince Philip following his death, at the age of 99.

After Buckingham Palace announced the news on Friday morning, those who had met the Duke of Edinburgh began sharing memories and anecdotes about the Queen’s husband.

Described as having a “twinkle in his eye”, the duke was famed for his off-the-cuff remarks, which ranged from the quick-witted and funny to the politically incorrect.

He was also known as the Queen’s beloved companion, with one person remembering a lunch in which he “flirted madly” with his wife.

Here are some of the best tributes, memories and anecdotes to Philip:

GB News presenter Colin Brazier said Philip was “fun” and “down to earth”:

American singer Sheila Ferguson said it was “an honour” dining with him:

Journalist Tom Peck remembered a time that he shared a drink with Philip, describing him as “very charming”:

While Carol Vorderman recalled a lunch she had with him, when he and the Queen were apparently “flirting madly”.

Comedian Katy Brand said “he had a proper twinkle in his eye”.

Scientist Brian Cox said:

And Conservative politician Susan Hall said he had “a wonderful sense of humour”.

Actor Katy Manning said the Prince was “utterly charming”.

Other social media users have similarly shared their memories of meeting him.

One user remembered competing against him in a driving competition, and said he was “tolerant and timely”.

While another remembered him as “charismatic”:

Another user shared a story about missing school to meet the Prince.

Another remarked: “My thoughts are with all who knew, loved and now mourn him,” after sharing her memories of him.

And another remembered meeting him twice, once as a teenager, and again as an adult:

Prince Philip died weeks after leaving hospital after receiving treatment for an infection.

The Prince, who retired from official duties in 2017 but continued to be involved with charity, would have celebrated his 100th birthday in June.

He was the longest-serving consort in British history and completed 22,219 royal engagements since 1952.

Downing Street is flying the Union flag at half-mast today to commemorate his death.

The Queen - who was married to him for 73 years - will now enter an eight-day period of mourning ahead of his funeral.

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