Ross Kemp wanted to murder a sex trafficker who killed 300 children


Ross Kemp has made a post-EastEndersname for himself as a tough guy who roams the world's most dangerous places, confronting terrifying people and situations. Now he has revealed the only time he "nearly lost it" on camera.

In his hard-hitting documentary Extreme World, Kemp has sheltered behind sandbags from Isis fighters in Syria, accosted a fully armed Hamas suicide bomber in Gaza and been attacked by the Taliban in Afghanistan .

But of all the people Kemp has met whilst delving into the world's criminal underbelly, there is only one who left him struggling not to lash out and resort to violence.

On This Morning, he told Amanda Holden and Ben Shephard about his heartbreaking trip to India:

I met somebody who was trafficking young girls for sex. And he, on camera - and I didn't know he was going to do it - admitted to killing around 300 of them. 

 My translator heard it first. She started crying, and then he started crying and I got so angry, because he started to feel sorry for himself. 

And I don't mind meeting bad people and interviewing them, but when they start feeling sorry for themselves for things that they do... that's the only time that I really, really nearly lost it. 

At that point, Ross said he ended the interview, telling his crew to "get him out of my sight before I kill him".

The last series of Extreme World continues on Sunday night on Sky One.

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