Sam Thompson reveals the weirdest things he and other Brits do

Sam Thompson reveals the weirdest things he and other Brits do
Sam Thompson gives advice to young boy diagnosed with ADHD in touching …
Sam Thompson

Sam Thompson has revealed some of the most common things British people do which some people think are weird - including sharing some of his own.

Research by Flora found what Brits surveyed rated as the most popular in this - at the very top is talking to yourself (42 per cent), having conversations with a pet in second (34 per cent) and sleeping on the same side of the bed every night third (31 per cent).

Thompson revealed as well as some of these, there are common things that people do daily which he finds strange himself.

He's also done a comedy sketch called 'Milking It' to celebrate some of the strange things people do.

Speaking to Indy100, Thompson said: "Knocking on a piece of wood to ward off back luck or for good fortune - I never understood where that came from, I'd love to know who was the first person to think 'I'm going to touch wood and that's going to make things better'.

"Jumping over three drains, that's always been a bit of a weird one, or even shaking someone's hand, grabbing another person's hand and moving it up and down as a gesture of greeting or agreement despite the germs, that's a bit of a weird thing if you really think about it.

"I feel like there's so much to celebrate in things we do that if you think about it, you go 'what are we doing?'"

Thompson shared some of the strange things he does himself too.

"I'm a nose bopper, I love a nose bop," he said.

"If Zara (McDermott), my girlfriend, goes out, we touch noses and for us, that's 'goodbye' or 'hello'; I don't know why we don't kiss on the lips now.

"You know in a traditional house, you're like 'bye honey' and give a kiss on the lips, I'm like 'bye honey' and give her a tap on the nose.

"I have no idea where that came from, I think I'm just weird."

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