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A woman has gone on a racist rant aimed at two Hispanic 7-Eleven staff when she was charged 99 cents for a plastic cup, reports the Daily Mail.

The customer exploded in an angry racist rant inside the 7-Eleven store in South Beach, Miami, on Sunday, after she used a coupon for a free hot dog.

A video, recorded by store clerk Rojas-Hernandez, who is a Cuban native, shows the woman begins to get angry when she's told to pay for some cups that she had filled with condiments.

In the video, she can be heard saying:

This is f****** bulls***. Go back to your country. You f*****g  Latinos, you suck. 

You're not educated enough. We don't want you here.

The woman had used a coupon to pay for a hot dog after she'd filled two cups with dressing for her free hot dog.

However, she completely lost her cool when the clerk asked her to pay for the cups. She continued to rant:

Your mother is a prostitute from Colombia.  Get the f*** out of here. 

F*** you Latinos, go back to your country.'

In response, the clerk says:

You're not American, either.

He then added:

It's because she doesn't want to pay. She doesn't want to pay a dollar for the glass. It's not for free. Welcome to America. You have to pay for what you take. That's it.

As she leaves the store, the woman then sticks up both of her fingers at the surprised clerk.

Police say that the woman is between 45 - 50 years of age, and is of Middle Eastern descent, reports Miami CBS Local.

You can watch the video of the incident below.

indy100 has reached out to 7-Eleven for comment.

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