If you aren't aware of who Diamond and Silk are, they are Donald Trump supporters who frequently appear on Fox News and often have a bizarre way of defending the president.

In the past, they have questioned why Beto O'Rourke is so opposed to Trump having a border wall when he lives in a house that also has walls.

Now they are attempting to defend the president's racist tweets aimed at four congresswomen, by saying that the dictionary is also racist because it contains the words that Trump said.

In a tweet posted on Wednesday, the duo criticised Nancy Pelosi for calling Trump's words 'racist' and suggested that all 'dictionaries be banned since Democrats are offended by words.'

We can't really provide any deeper analysis of this tweet, except that it is possibly one of the strangest tweets that we have ever seen. We honestly don't know whether to laugh or cry and the rest of the internet would appear to share that sentiment.

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