Carlson v Colbert: A timeline of the TV host's war of words after 'the insurrection'

Stephen Colbert explains Late Show staff arrests at the US Capitol

Tucker Carlson and Stephen Colbert have exchanged some back-and-forth on their respective shows after Carlson compared Colbert's team to insurrectionists.

Last Thursday, seven members of Colbert's production team were arrested by Capitol police officers for "unlawful entry" into the Capitol as the team was shooting footage for the show.

The team was filming a segment involving Triumph the Insult Comic Dog a dog puppet that appears on Colbert's show from time to time. They had scheduled interviews with several members of Congress but when the crew began filming final sequences in the halls of the Capitol building police arrested them.

The arrests occur, ironically, as the House Select Committee is conducting the January 6th hearings.

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On Friday's episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Carlson, 53, took the opportunity to hit-back at Colbert's team saying "they committed insurrection" and went to the Capitol with the purpose of harassing sitting members of Congress.

Colbert has been covering the January 6 hearings on his show The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and denounced former president Donald Trump on his show many times.

In response, Colbert hit-back at "TV talkers" who compared his staff's mistake with Capitol police to the January 6th insurrection on Monday night's episode of The Late Show.

"I am shocked I have to explain the difference but an insurrection involves disrupting the lawful actions of Congress and howling for the blood of elected leaders all to prevent the peaceful transfer of power." Colbert said during the monologue. "This was first degree puppetry."

Colbert went on to said the "TV talkers" are making these accusations because they want to distract viewers from the actual January 6th hearings.

In return, later that night on Carlson's show, the host continued to refer to Colbert's Capitol police-run in as "insurrection 2.0" and used similar language that media used to describe the January 6th insurrection to mock Colbert.

"This is not an easy time for anyone, we are literally literally still shaking, as we think about how close our country came to losing its democracy last Thursday," Carlson said.

Carlson went on to call Colbert a "white extremist" and claimed The Late Show production staff committed "violence against our democracy" because a source said they were "trashing the place" and "banging on windows inside the Capitol".

Colbert has not responded to the other claims Carlson has made.

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