Stormzy may be an international superstar but he’s also proven he really is just one of the lads.

The multi award-winning musician undoubtedly could have secured tickets to watch Tuesday’s historic England vs Germany match at Wembley stadium, but instead he watched among the excited throng at Croydon’s Boxpark.

Footage of the rapper showed him sporting a Jack Grealish shirt and jumping up and down with glee as the national team secured a 2-0 victory over their old rivals to reach the quarter-finals of Euro 2020.

During the match, the 27-year-old grime icon reportedly promised a fan he would go to his afterparty if England won.

And, apparently true to his word, he was later filmed at the fan’s home, drinking beer and chatting before launching into a jubilant rendition of ‘Three Lion’s (football’s coming home)’.

The heart-warming display has been met with delight on social media, with one Twitter user hailing Stormzy as “the ideal famous person”:

Others shared footage of his down-to-earth celebrations:

Meanwhile, a host of other celebrities, including Ed Sheeran, David Beckham and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge watched the action from the Wembley stands.

They were all thrilled at the victory, sure, but they weren’t seen embracing their compatriots in quite the same way as the ‘Crown’ singer.

That said, David Baddiel and Frank Skinner – the masterminds behind the ‘Three Lions’ anthem – were also at the stadium and belted out the song alongside the other joyous supporters.

After the game, Baddiel shared a beaming picture alongside Olympic hero Mo Farah:

Here’s how other stars, including the players themselves, responded:

As Morgan said, maybe it really is coming home... In which case, can Stormzy come to ours?

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