A grand total of just two men showed up for a 'Straight Pride' event in Dallas

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A so-called 'Straight Pride' event in Dallas, Texas proved to be a huge flop as a grand total of just two people turned up and that didn't even include the organiser.

The gathering was organised by the same people who put together the Boston 'Straight Pride Parade' which took place in September and was better attended, but only marginally.

According to reports by local publication the Dallas Voice, the pair had travelled from Boston but were easily outnumbered by the 20 counter-protestors who had also gathered at City Hall Plaza.

Teresa Stephens Richenberger organised the event, along with a group called Protecting Our Next Generation, but failed to show up leaving the two visitors on their own.

That being said the two men were still happy to hurl anti-LGBT+ insults and reportedly shouted "I’m part of the oppressed majority," and told a trans protestor "we know there are only two genders."

The Dallas Voice adds that one of the men also claimed that he had been kicked out of his home as a teenager and lost his job because of his sexuality.

According to a listing on Facebook for the event, which had attracted more than 300 people who were interested in attending, the intention of the march was to raise awareness about 'American morales being compromised'.

We are hosting a March to bring awareness to the fact that we as the American people are allowing our values and morals to be compromised! 

We are strong conservative Christians who are standing up for our Biblical values.

We will be discussing: Sex/Human Trafficking, Legalized Prostitution, Marriage values (One man and one woman), Abortion (It is murder), Genders (There are only two; XX as female and XY as male), Ploys of the RADICAL left wing LGBTQ groups trying to shut down our businesses and churches, Drag Queen Story Times (Stop pushing this onto our children).

It hasn't been made clear why Richenberger didn't attend the event. The two men who did show up claimed that it was never supposed to be a parade and also vowed to return to Dallas next year where there would be a parade.

In addition, they were also said to complain about the $12,000 fee that the city was charging for an event, a fee which also caused the cancellation of a trans march organised by city attorney and trans activist, Jayla Wilkerson.

Given the complete failure of this event, folks on Twitter were more than happy to mock it for obvious reasons.

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