This clip of the 'Straight Pride parade' depicts just how ridiculous the whole thing was

Kelly Sullivan/Twitter

On Saturday the city of Boston, Massachusetts hosted the first-ever 'Straight Pride' parade, a contentious event that was destined for ridicule before it had even begun.

Reports state that around 100 to 200 people attended the march where pro-Trump flags were waved, with right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulus also in attendance.

The small group marched from City Hall Plaza to Copley Square where they met another group who had gathered in the square, which is reportedly the exact same route adopted by Boston pride.

The organisers, who call themselves 'The Straight Pride Coalition' of the group have already been discovered to have links to far-right and white nationalist groups, are focused on:

protecting traditional gender roles, Christianity, heterosexuality, Western Civilization, and Caucasians [who are] the biological majority of the historical developers and founders of Western Civilization.

If you already thought this sounded bad enough wait until you see the two minute footage of the event below that was filmed by local journalist Kelly Sullivan.

In the space of 120 seconds you can see:

- Someone dressed as a dinosaur

- Someone dressed as a shark carrying a 'straight lives matter' sign

- A 'wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tubeman' on top of an SUV

- Lots of American flags and lots of Trump flags

- A '2020 Trump Unity Bridge'

- Placards reading 'Make normalcy normal again'

- A few Israeli flags

- A clown

- A float promoting 'Super Fun Happy America'

- They also appear to be listening to a song called freedom

And that's about it...

As you can imagine this has been mercilessly mocked on social media, with people barely able to comprehend what they have just watched.

Beyond the actual footage of the parade, people were more than happy to ridicule this event.

There were also reports of counterprotests which managed to outnumber the straight pride marchers, significantly. Local businesses also had posters in their windows voicing their disapproval of the march.

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