Conspiracy theorists accuse Taylor Swift of promoting Satanism and witchcraft

Conspiracy theorists accuse Taylor Swift of promoting Satanism and witchcraft
Taylor Swift says she's getting "tricksy" by throwing in surprise songs at …

Watching Taylor Swift perform live is undoubtedly a spellbinding experience for fans, but some people don’t see the magic of her talent as a positive thing.

In fact, conservative Christians are accusing the pop icon of using her Eras world tour to promote satanism and witchcraft, and are urging others to cover their eyes and shield their ears from her “evil”.

Their horror stems from the performance of Evermore track ‘Willow’, which sees Swift and her backing troop dance brandish glowing orbs as they dance around the stage in dark cloaks.

One outraged viewer said the Grammy Award-winner was overtly “summoning demons” with the song, and said she had the evidence to prove it.

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In a now-viral TikTok, she pointed to a video filmed by a fan during an Eras concert, in which he yells delightedly at Swift: “Yes, summon the demons, b***h!”

She then noted that the star commented on the clip, which was posted to social media, asking if “summon the demons” had become fans’ new hype-chant (it was previously “one, two, three, let’s go b***h).

"So what she’s saying is 'summon the demons' is the new crowd chant that they all say when she does this witchcraft ritual,” the Tiktok critic explained.

She then took the opportunity to accuse non-Christians of unfairly singling out her faith, saying: “It’s pretty comical to me that people keep saying, ‘Stop shoving in Christianity down our throats,’ when the world, society, huge artists, movies, everything is shoving witchcraft and rituals, crystals, astrology and all that down our throats, and God forbid someone says, ‘Jesus loves you’.”

Her concerns are shared by countless other social media users, with Twitter, TikTok and Instagram all awash with warnings against Swift’s music:

Meanwhile, fans were quick to jump on the trend and attempt to turn it to their advantage, jokingly suggesting that people should save themselves from her "darkness" by giving away their Eras tickets:

Sorry, guys. You'll need more than dark magic to nab yourself a place at one of her gigs.

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