Tequila company asks Kendall Jenner to change name and branding of new spirit line due to ‘similarities’

<p>(Left) A bottle of Tequila 512 that people accused Kendall Jenner (right) of copying</p>

(Left) A bottle of Tequila 512 that people accused Kendall Jenner (right) of copying

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A Texas tequila company has called on Kendall Jenner to ‘change’ the name and branding of her new tequila line due to ‘similarities’ between the two.

Jenner has recently released a new tequila brand called “818”, but some have accused it of having a similar name, design and logo as existing brand, Tequila 512.

They’re both made at the same Mexican distillery.

Despite only being distilled twice, Jenner’s 818 tequila is marketed at $44.99, whereas Tequila 512 - that has been distilled three times - is priced significantly lower, at $26.99.

It comes after Jenner faced backlash for her 818 advert over cultural appropriations claims.

Tequila 512 told indy100 that they had been aware of Jenner’s brand after she announced it but truly realised the extent of the apparent similarities when people got in touch to ask if it was part of their offering.

“We began receiving inquiries asking if it was us, which intensified like a drumbeat until we started getting messages with photos from customers in liquor stores inquiring if it was our brand or if Tequila 512 was being copied.”

They added: “Tequila 512 was aware of the similarities from the start, but it was actual confusion created in the market that solidified our views on the matter.”

The Austin-based company was created back in 2012 by couple Lauren and Scott Willis, who sold their house to fund their dream of “bringing a premium sipping-grade quality tequila to market for the price of mid and lower grade tequilas.”

Since then, ClipBandits have purchased the company.

Tequila 512 posted on an image on their Instagram comparing their tequila with Jenner’s new 818 tequila brand.

The image shows a message from someone named Aaron that asks: “Is that you or did someone copy you?” with a photo of Jenner’s 818 tequila bottle accompanying the message.

People can compare the two brands, as the post also includes an image of a Tequila 512 bottle too.

In the caption, they wrote: “You may have seen that @kendalljenner released a “new” tequila today. Note the similarities, including the color, the name and it is made at the same distillery in Tequila Mexico as ours.

“Their batches are being distilled twice. Ours three times,” they added. “Yet she is charging twice as much per bottle.

“And here we are getting messages like the one in this post image. Doesn’t seem very cool. What do you think?”

The Instagram post by Tequila 512 that gained worldwide attentionInstagram/tequila512

The post has since gained 11,000 likes, and over a thousand comments from people sharing their thoughts.

One person said: “That’s all they do is copy other people’s stuff...”

“The secret is that she’s [Jenner] not very creative or innovative,” another person wrote.

Someone else replied: “So not cool! 512 is the OG.”

“I think this is blatantly obvious and you should pursue this legally. Like for real. That’s crazy,” a fourth person commented.

Tequila 512 told indy100 that they “did not at all expect to get the massive international reaction we did” from the Instagram post.

“Just an awkward image and some truth spoken instantly took on a life of its own which solidified the conclusions we had drawn that lead us to posting in the first place,” they said.

“We are extremely appreciative of the overwhelming support we’ve received.”

The company are now calling on Jenner to make changes to her 818 brand “to create clear distinction between the brands.”

But they said they will not be pursuing legal action. “Life it too short. We’ll win this in the marketplace if necessary.” they added.

indy100 has reached out to 818 Tequila for comment.

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