Messages that begin with 'baaaaaaabe' and end with 'I'm dying' are one of the significant triggers that prompted WhatsApp to implement full encryption.

It would be criminal to ask security services personnel to monitor texts such as the ones below. (We just feel for the people who have to read all the other notes of love, companionship and chicken wings on other messaging platforms.)

Yes, couples can be the worst. Love is beautiful, but showing it is often awkward, creepy, or as soppy as an Andrex puppy crying. We're not sure about how the couples featured below are faring now. But people sure do send each other the weirdest stuff.

1. There's a lot going on here:

2. The classic, 'I miss you more' ... 'Can we get chicken wings?!' exchange in action here:

3. If Love Actually were a text.

4. We think this couple go to the gym together. Curls for the girls. 'Et tu calves?'

5. Same.


6. Oh dear, Bryan. Oh dear.

7. We admire the honesty here.

8. 'Good news'.

9. Yes you can. The fat works very well. Seville orange and polenta cake is delicious when made with olive oil.

10. Classic.

11. It's all over.

H/T: weshouldbreakup/Instagram

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