The world's biggest hipster has been found in Australia

Just when you thought hipsterdom had become passe, along comes a twenty-something urbanite who, in his own words, is "nothing short of extraordinary".

The Sydney Morning Herald found this fine specimen in his natural habitat - a trendy neighbourhood in Melbourne - over the weekend.

Samuel Davide Hains describes himself as:

a web developer, mystery blogger and jazz kitten.

...which is quite the ice breaker.

His style is "bucolic socialist with improvised elements" and his triumvirate of top influencers are Albert Einstein, John Coltrane and "Trotsky in leather". He also gets inspired by trips to the docks.

If you're wondering what all that looks like, it's a beret, dungerees, a tote bag, and black Nikes.

Apparently Sam is also the owner of a Chanel cape, wouldn't be caught dead in "neo hippie bush-doof couture", and thinks self love is underrated.

It might not surprise you to learn that not everyone can see that Samuel has his finger on the zeitgeist's pulse.

True visionaries are never appreciated in their time, as this lad is clearly aware. Is he Australia's Vincent van Gogh? The 21st century's Emily Dickinson?

Only time will tell.

We can only hope he gets snapped on the streets of Melbourne again.

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