There's something you haven't noticed about this picture of David Cameron

Here is David Cameron welcoming newly elected MPs outside parliament.

He seems to have deliberately placed a few people front and centre: Andrea Jenkyns, who beat Ed Balls is on the left and standing next to her is Kelly Tollhurst, the woman who beat Mark Reckless and on the right is Tania Mathias, the woman who beat Vince Cable.

You may also notice the relative prominence of women in the front and middle rows of the picture, while there is only one woman in the back row.

According to ConservativeHome, there are 74 new Conservative MPs. We counted 27 women on their list, 36 per cent of the new intake.

There are eight people standing immediately behind Cameron in the picture, five of whom are women - 62.5 per cent.

Not that we're suggesting he had a hand in who stood where, or anything...

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