What happens when you expose a fraudster using Adele lyrics

What happens when you expose a fraudster using Adele lyrics

Adele is not known for being stuck for words when confronted with false declarations of love.

And if you are one of the many millions on Tinder trying to weed out the real thing from the rubbish, you know that trying to get your love life off the ground via pixels can be a strange business.

Especially when a) chat bots exist and b) some people just want your money.

So what to do when a hot woman's Facebook profile starts to call you "honey", "beautyfull" (come onnnn, use an online dictionary) and promises to heal you - if you just send her some cash?

Sing Adele at them.

Actually just text all of the lyrics to Adele's "Hello" at carefully spaced intervals in the conversation.

That's what one guy in Denmark did, confusing his assailant with the claim that he is currently in California, "wants to talk" and is always trying to call.

Here's the man's wonderful response to our strange 21st-century-world in full. We salute him.

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The scammer gets confused by an apparent soundcheck.

And then she really starts to hammer home her point.

But the constant hellos start to wear thin.

And then the mask begins to slip.

If you're ever at a loss for words, remember: Adele is queen of the comeback.

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