This McDonald's proposal meltdown shows you exactly how not to pop the question

Everyone dreams of being proposed to in a McDonald’s drive-thru, right? No? Not even if the ring comes embedded on top of a chicken sandwich?

YouTube user Joseph Ann decided to pop the question to his girlfriend at the McDonalds that played host to their first date two years ago.

In a five-minute long video Joseph's intended is left almost dumbstruck by the unexpected appearance of an engagement ring, lovingly wedged into the top of her late night on-the-hoof dinner.

"You can't do this... this is not what you do!" she gasps in between fits of giggles. We can’t tell if she’s actually laughing or breaking down.

After Joseph slips the ring on her finger she starts sobbing. Safe to say, her answer was no.

In the description of the video Joesph wrote that his girlfriend had joked about how he would probably propose to her with a chicken nugget box. "I thought she would love when I surprised her this way. She didn't love it like the way I thought she would," he said.

The couple have agreed to wait a while before talking about marriage again.

Nil points, Joseph. McNil points.

Watch all five cringeworthy minutes below:

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