‘Creative’ TikToker praised as she invites married man’s wife to their date

On the left, a dating app screen reads, ‘You and Eric matched!’ On the right is a photo of Eric and his wife, with the faces scribbled out. Text overlaid at the bottom reads: ‘With his wife as my special guest of honor’.

People have rallied around a TikTok creator after she suggested bringing the wife of her match to their date.

The creator, named Nadiyah, matched with Eric on a dating app, and soon took the conversation to iMessage.

She asked: “Are you currently entertaining/dating anyone?”

“No unfortunately,” Eric replied.

However, Nadiyah chose to “trust but verify” his claim, by searching him up on Facebook to find out more information.

It was there where she found out that Eric had a wife, with the post stating that they had been together for 2.5 years and married for 7 months.

As well as this, Nadiyah revealed that Eric has six children.

In the video posted to the social media app earlier this week, captioned “I woke up and chose petty”, the creator also explained that the date was planned for Saturday.

Although, after finding out about his wife, Nadiyah said she “decided to spice it up”.

She proceeded to ask Eric if she could invite a ‘friend’ along with her – that being Eric’s partner as her “special guest of honour”.

Once Eric had said he was fine with her bringing another female with her, Nadiyah then went on to share a photo of the couple together, along with a meme showing a woman raising an eyebrow.

The video has since received more than 60 thousand views, with viewers soon heaping praise on Nadiyah for her response.

“Damn, I applaud your creativity,” wrote one commenter.

“Not all heroes wear capes,” added another.

After receiving Nadiyah’s reply, Eric then went on to message saying “you smooth”.

Smooth indeed.

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