This man's tweet about his dad and a rubber duck is moving Twitter to tears

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Losing a loved one is never an easy thing to deal with, but often we will see traces of them which remind us of just how special they were.

A moving tweet sent by 21-year-old Texas A&M University student Connor West about his father's obsession with finding rubber ducks has done just that for many people.

Connor's dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and part of his treatment was to go on walks around their town in New Jersey.

Bizarrely, on a few of his walks, he would return home with a rubber duck he had randomly found.

The ducks, of which three were found, soon became part of their family life. Then Connor's dad began hiding them around their house or leaving them on desks for good luck.

Connor's dad sadly passed away in 2014 and, a year later, Connor moved to college and the family house was sold. As a token reminder of his dad, Connor took two of the ducks and presumed his mother had taken the other.

That wasn't the case and, as Connor explained in a now-viral tweet, the duck had been hidden away for quite some time.

At the time of writing, Connor's amazing tweet has been shared more than 50,000 times on Twitter and people have been telling Connor how moved they are by his short story.

Others have been sharing similar stories about their loved ones and how little things have brought back floods of memories.

Connor was never entirely sure how his father kept managing to find the ducks though.

In response, Connor thanked everyone for their support and comments.

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