Man wakes up 100 miles from home after Uber ride gone wrong

Man wakes up 100 miles from home after Uber ride gone wrong

Joseph Fergie had never heard of the Scottish town Kirkcudbright before last weekend. But after an Uber-ride gone wrong, he'll probably never forget it.

The 20 year-old found himself 100-miles away from home, after falling asleep inside an Uber ride home. Joseph had been clubbing with friends in Edinburgh when he decided to get a taxi back at closing time.

Posting a Snapchat video to friends, he said:

I've actually woke up on the other side of f****** Scotland mate – like no Edinburgh or that – the other side of f****** Scotland

Describing the experience as the "strangest day of his life", he told the Daily Record:

I woke up still drunk and when I saw sheep kicking about the countryside – I thought the guy had taken me to Musselburgh.

Much to his surprise, he had ended up in Kirkcudbright in the Dumfries and Galloway, a place he had never even heard of before.

Picture:Picture: Uber/Joseph Fergie

Fergie then faced the challenge of finding his way home using bus and taxi services.

He returned home at 3.30pm after spending around £400 on the round trip.

He told the Record:

I ended up telling all my pals about the situation and they just burst out laughing. They couldn't believe what happened.

I'm still trying to piece together what exactly happened last night and I am chatting with Uber to see if they can help in any way.

I've never heard of Kirkcudbright before last night and I doubt I'll be able to ever forget it now.

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